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Logistics and Allied Services

Logistics & Allied Services

In a country composed of 7,100 islands and with an underdeveloped intermodal transport to move people and cargo, trucks and trailers are a great necessity to fill in the gap. LMC maintains and operates a fleet of 500 roadworthy trailers with mixed sizes of 20', 40', 45' and convertibles. Its trailers are 100% purchased from the United States, Japan and Hong Kong. These trailers are marshalled in a 5,000 square meter lot barely 4 kilometers from the Manila International Container Terminal.

Part of the upkeep of these trailers is a full-time, maintenance crew on-call practically 24/7, supplemented by a service vehicle and 2 forklifts.

Our clients to date include international carriers, manufacturing entities inside and outside the PEZA zone, freight forwarding and some hauling companies.