Committed to providing efficient
and world class 'innovative solutions'


Close to twenty (20) years and counting, our company has posted considerable growth amidst the challenges posed by the economic environment both domestic and global.

Since its inception in February 14, 1995, we have practically expanded our business in all facets of operations years before the Philippine government obtained an investment grade status of bb+ from international credit rating agencies last March 2013.

Our company's resiliency to withstand the head winds, political, economic or otherwise, is an upshot of sound fiscal policies, good working relationships with long standing clients and agents coupled with intra-corporate cordial employer-employee partnership.

We consistently research and develop with the hope of offering innovative logistics solutions to our clients and foreign counterparts as well, aimed at providing value-added service worth of every penny spent.

Our list of clientele has consistently grown, quality wise, from locally based food exporters to international carriers to multinational corporations operating inside the Philippine Economic Zone Authority or PEZA.

LMC has garnered awards such as the 1998 Outstanding Service Provider from a Sumitomo-affiliated company, 2003 Hauler of the Year from the Safety Organization of the Philippines, 2008 and 2009 Outstanding Hauler of the Year from North Luzon Toll Management.

Through the Years

In 2001, our company joined the ranks of forwarding companies under the umbrella of Cargo Partners Network or CPN. CPN, a Mississauga-based entity, is an organization of freight forwarding companies from practically all continents. Its aim is to foster teamwork and cooperation among members through constant exchanges of sales leads and useful information relevant to the industry. We have remained an exclusive agent/member of good standing to date and have participated in its annual conferences held in different countries.

In 2006, LMC Sea Air Services, Inc., formally obtained its ISO 9001:2000 from the Certification Body of TUV Asia Pacific Ltd., thus aligning our company to offer services at par with transnational firms moving along this line.

In 2007, we opened an LMC affiliate company, Pinnacle Supply Chain, Inc. inside PEZA alongside big manufacturing concerns opting the Philippines as its hub. PCSI currently operates and maintains a fully secured warehouse with an area of 2,500 square meters equivalent to 1,800 pallet positions inside PEZA area 40 kilometers south of Port of Manila. Its services include Vendor Management Inventory, Product Labelling, Pick 'n Pack, warehouse-to-door deliveries, and other related activities.

In 2009, we achieved another milestone in our trailer-leasing business by way of acquiring 80x40 container chassis from the United States. This brings our fleet of roadworthy chassis to a total of 500 units and we are now 3rd among the major leasing companies in the Philippines.

In 2010, LMC Sea Air Services obtained accreditation with the Bureau of Customs' E2M or Electronic 2 Mobile System wherein payment of all duties and taxes to the government shall be coursed through online banking. This new system reduces clearing time of cargoes from the usual 5 to 1-2 days thus improving the delivery of goods, inbound or outbound.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond the realm of commerce, the LMC Group of Companies which comprises of LMC Logistics & Allied Services, Inc., LMC Sea Air Services, Inc., and Pinnacle Supply Chain, Inc., is at the forefront of Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR.

We strictly adhere to the universal law that the kindness of society should be reciprocated with kindness. Our company has consistently extended aid, financial or in kind, to the less privileged citizens stricken by natural calamities such as typhoons, extreme flooding and earthquakes.

We make modest donations to charitable institutions worthy of its cause in the mold of Knights of Columbus, The Red Cross, and Medical and Feeding Missions to indigenous people in the far flung areas of the Philippines through Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc. We aim to participate in scholarship programs for deserving young people to give them and their families a brighter future to look forward to.