Committed to providing efficient
and world class 'innovative solutions'


Our company offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities because of our vast corporate networking. Within our alliance are companies of all sizes. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success. Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients.

Customs Clearance (Exporting and Importing)

We are an accredited customs broker since 1995 and is gaining strength in this endeavor. With our system of Local Access Network or LAN, we are able to provide accurate preparation of entries for timely delivery of shipments.

With combined efforts, relentless innovations and untiring initiatives of our management and operations personnel, we are able to extend to our clients the assurance of a lawful and speedy clearing of shipments from the Bureau of Customs.

Freight Forwarding (Sea, Land and Air)

In the sea freight business, we hold major service contracts with both international and domestic carriers operating as an NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) and a freight forwarder. With each passing year, we have earned a niche in the industry as a reliable provider of services to big customers.

Our airfreight is Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) accredited. We have existing service arrangements with major airlines such as Philippine Airlines, Lufthansa, KLM, Nippon Cargo Airlines, Saudi Airlines and others. Similar to sea freight, we handle various commodities from delicate integrated circuits to optic lenses to fresh sea and farm produce on a regular basis.

Logistical support to move these cargoes includes a fleet of truck tractor heads, closed van trucks, forklifts, and cranes that are always ready at our disposal. Having our own utility vehicles and equipment provides more control in critical situations.

Trailer Leasing

In a country comprising 7,100 islands and with an undeveloped inter modal link, trucks and trailers are a great to move containerized cargoes. We maintain and operate a fleet of 500 units of skeletal trailer chassis of mixed sizes of 20', 40', 45' and convertibles.

Our trucks & trailers have a depot with a lot area of 5,000 square meters approximately four (4) kilometers from Manila's International seaports where these trailers are marshaled together with its truck tractor heads, forklifts and closed van trucks. Our own repair crew and service vehicle are on-call to maintain the upkeep and roadworthiness of our equipments.


Our proximity to ports, railroad yards and international airports in the Metro Manila area provides easy access for loading and unloading both imports and exports.

We can handle your distribution needs in Metro Manila and nationwide markets. Our centralized distribution area plus network all over the country gives us the opportunity to provide superior customer service and loyalty to our clients.


Located inside PEZA just 40 kilometers South of Port of Manila, our 2,500 square meters warehouse is capable of holding 1,800 pallets position given an assortment of cargoes from heavy duty batteries, integrated circuits, copper wires, connectors and other components for power supply.

We provide services such as barcoding, product labeling, pick & pack custom-made for our client's specific needs. We also provide a web based, real-time Vendor Management Inventory System to ensure accurate inventory of customer goods.

Events Management & Logistics

LMC Logistics has reached an agreement with Juiced & Wrapped Ideas, Inc., as its event and exhibits management affiliate. Juiced & Wrapped Ideas is a full-service graphic design studio and has been in the industry for 11years. The company has extended its services in events and exhibit management and has worked with top corporate companies in Manila.